City To Show Some Love


City To Show Some Love: Sculpture To Be Unveiled In April

March 21, 2013
Daily News-Record

HARRISONBURG — The Friendly City is about to take its relationship with the public to the next level.

The Virginia Tourism Corp. has selected Harrisonburg as one of its 11 new sites for a LOVEworks sculpture. The artistic campaign, which al­ready has 20 locations, builds on the theme that “Virginia is For Lovers.”

The city artwork will be un­veiled at 11 a.m. April 13 be­hind the Arts Council of the Valley — facing the Turner Pavilion on South Liberty Street.

Three local artists — Nicole Martorana, Jeff Guinn and Mike Herr — are creating the sculpture, backed by $1,200 in reimbursement funding from the state tourism office and support through in-kind sponsorships and donations from the community.

Luray Caverns is the closest location already with a LOVEwork, deeming its “Logs of Love.” It is constructed from wooden logs to promote the fact Luray-Page County is the “Cabin Capital of Virginia.”

Harrisonburg’s version will incorporate ethnic diversity, agriculture, outdoor recreation and the arts, city tourism offi­cials say.

The letters spelling “love” will sit on a base of local blue­stone. Each will have a built-in bench for photo opportunities.

For more information about LOVEworks, visit

C­ontact P­reston K­night a­t 574­ 6-272 o­r p­knight@d­nronline.c­om


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